Monday, 27 August 2012


I went exploring this past weekend. Just out the backyard of a friends place for a little less than an hour but it was fantastic!
I felt like a kid again, peeking around doors & corners before venturing onward. A little spark of excitement each time I came across something that peaked my interest. Jumping any time something tickled my skin that felt like a possible creepy crawly; giggling at myself when it was a simple weed.

These are a few of the discoveries that made me smile...

I also made a few friends in the paddock...

I've made a promise to myself that I will explore more often in places I wouldn't normally think to. It's liberating, exciting & relaxing. Also a great opportunity to get some awesome snaps!

Have you done any exploring lately? Where were you & what did you find? 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Being Aunty Ash

I love being an Aunty... to all of the 6 nephews & 5 nieces that I have.
It is so much fun watching them grow up & form their own little personalities. 
Birthday & Christmas celebrations are the best! Watching all of their faces light up with the excitement of presents & cake & Santa. 
I won't lie, I have a tendency to spoil them all rotten with random gifts, outings to the movies, to the zoo or simply a sleep-over. I absolutely love them.

This was a moment I managed to capture today (whilst fumbling with my camera, handbag & camera-bag). Three of the kids attend the same school & it was their Book Parade today. Myself & my trusty camera were there, capturing as much of the event as possible. As Jack's class was walking from the classroom to the parade hall, he insisted on holding my hand for most of the short journey.

You know that big balloon feeling that wells up in your chest when you feel excited & happy? Well, that's what I had the whole time Jack had my hand before tearing off in his Batman cape to join the fray of students in the hall.

What more can I say? I LOVE IT!

What about you? Any nieces & nephews? Fun experiences you remember having with your own nieces/nephews, or that you had with your Aunt/Uncle?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Falling in love again...

With three months off work to do whatever I like, I am getting back in touch with things that I haven't done in a while...
Falling in love again with all of the things that I have always enjoyed is amazing... 


Capturing these beautiful moments makes me so happy... I take on average 600-1000 photos at any given event & love to come home, transfer all my files to the computer & edit all of my favourites, adding them to Facebook for eagerly awaiting family members...

I have recently entered some old favourites from the last few years into the Shutterbug Competition, not with any desire to win but the excitement of sharing my work with other people like me! More branching out to come in this area... Still-life & landscapes are catching my eye more & more.


Finally, I can sit down again & get lost in a book, from my old Harlan Coben favourites to new fads like The Hunger Games. So nice to be curled up on the couch getting familiar with characters & places I love to escape with. Or in a coffee shop surrounded by a buzz of people that suddenly becomes a dull drone in the background as the story takes my whole attention... Bliss.


The most precious & best part of my every day... the people in it. Family, friends & even strangers. I have taken to my old ways: creating & attending all events possible!
Recently I hosted a Morning Tea at my house for all of the wonderful ladies in my life... There was plenty of food & laughs to be had! 
Road tripping to see cousins in my time off is going to be a blast (especially with the new CD player in my car) & the simple pleasure I get out of saying hello to the employees at my regular shopping/take-out & appointment places makes every day a little brighter.

With all of this renewed love in my life, I am looking forward to getting back to work in October & starting fresh with a whole bunch of new activities, people & motivation.

What are the loves of your life that brighten up your every day?
Any favourite books I should know about from fellow readers?